Apolyton & CivFanatics Merging!

righthttp://www.civfanatics.com/images/misc/civjunction_logo_small2.jpg[/img]Two of the Internet's leading Civilization fan sites have forged a permanent alliance. Dan "DanQ" Quick, Chief Owner/Administrator of Apolyton Civilization Site (ACS), and Thunderfall, Site Administrator of Civilization Fanatics Center (CFC), are merging their respective operations to form Civilization Junction (civjunction.com). The two will take on the role and titles of Co-Owner/Administrator, much like Quick and fellow ACS co-founder Markos "MarkG" Giannopoulos did in 1998 when merging their individual CivII fan sites.

By the end of the month, most of ACS’ and CFC’s services will be integrated and made available to the public under the CivJunction (CJ) banner. Among the highlights: the disbandment of Apolyton’s Directory service in favor of CivFanatics’ Downloads Database, the en-masse incorporation of Apolyton’s CivGroups service and moulding that site’s PLUS subscription service into a pay-for model for key operations including “Game of the Month”, “Hall of Fame”, and “Junction University”. Work is already underway to merge the sites’ two forums. After the merge, the combined forum will have nearly 10 million posts, making it the 77th biggest forum on the web.

ACS and CFC staff have been working hard behind the scenes for much of the current year in preparation for this announcement. Other than Quick and Thunderfall themselves, many of the existing staff members are expected to join the staff of the combined site, although they may play a different role. Individuals who have served on neither parent site’s staff will also be a part of CJ’s team.

“This is a truly exciting time for the Civilization community. We believe it’s in the community’s best interest to merge the two biggest and oldest fan sites, to make it the ultimate destination for all things Civilization”, said Thunderfall.

"We are seizing on the opportunity to combine the extensive resources of both Apolyton and CivFanatics that have been cultivated for many years”, said Quick when asked to comment. “Some may ask why we are taking this significant step now. To them I say, why not now?"

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