Beyond the Sword Preview @ CVG

ComputerAndVideoGames posted a preview of Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword a few days ago. It talks about the new espionage system, corporations, space race, and also a few of the scenarios. There are 4 new screenshots: the first one is from Final Frontier, the second from a medieval scenario, the third shows a modern unit, and the last one shows the Apostolic Palace. Below is an excerpt:

right[/img]There's Afterworld, a tip of the hat to X-Com, with hit-points and campaigns where you control a team of five futuro body-tanks quelling an uprising of machines gifted with human sentience. There's Next War, a tip of the hat to DEFCON, that's set after 2050 and comes with a full armoury of devastating nuclear strikes and gigantic Mechs. Then there's Charlemagne, a tip of the hat to the legendary French king. In this, you have to conquer all of western Europe, kissing up to the Pope by spreading his brand of religion and warring with Saladin, then receiving some natty fighting units.
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