BTS: More from Alex Mantzaris

Sam Gibson from playTMtalks more with Alex Mantzaris, Lead Designer and Programmer at Firaxis Games on the new expansion.

A summary of details:

  • Warlords expansion: includes some code, specifically the stuff that impacts the core game functionality, but not the Warlords scenarios assets and code.

  • No new resources.
  • The foreign advisory screen (F4) is getting an overhaul.
  • Added considerable content to the modern era. There are new modern technologies like Laser, Superconductor, and Stealth.
  • New buildings include Public Transportation, Industrial Parks, and Levees.
  • New modern units include the Mobile SAM, Mobile Artillery, Tactical Nuke, Attack Submarine, Missile Cruiser, and Stealth Destroyer.
  • The Cristo Redentor Wonder allows you to switch civics without Anarchy.
  • The AI has gotten considerably better at its previous major weakness, which was conducting military operations, especially naval invasions. It is even stronger at managing its economy and it also knows how to use all the new features that were added.
  • There is an all-new spaceship screen, where you can customize the visual appearance of your 3D spaceship.
  • There will be new world-types and some new game options, such as the option to play as any leader-civilization combination, the option to trade away a technology only if you have researched it yourself, and the option to actually choose the religion you found when you discover a technology.
  • The graphics are more polished.
  • In multi-player games now all players on the same team take their turns simultaneously.
  • In Hotseat, you see the movement of any AI players that take their turn between the last human player and you.

Thanks to mjs0 for posting it!

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