BTS Preview on PC Gamer

The July 2007 issue of PC Gamer magazine includes some new Civ4: Beyond the Sword info in a one page preview. Below is a summary posted by forum member JtheJackal:
  • New Units:
    • high powered artillery
    • low powered tactical nuke
    • supply truck which heal troops in enemy territory (similar to Rise of Nations) [NOTE: This is only in one of the scenarios.]
    [*]Civilizations can now found corporations to trade resources for other benefits, like the Standard Ethanol Company, which consumes corn and provides oil, and the General Mills Corporation, which provides extra food to cities in exchange for corn, rice, and wheat. [*]AI will try to win a cultural victory. [*]Scenarios
    • Final Frontier - transforms Civ IV into a space colonization game
    • Afterworld - describes as an homage to X-Com expansions
    [*]There is a picture of the Mausoleum of Maussollos, the paratrooper, and the supply truck (two oxen pulling a cart). The picture with the supply truck has what looks like medieval horsemen with a lance, another with a mace, and some crusaders. [*]The rest of the info in the article was seen before, and the article mistakenly says that Hammurabi and Sitting Bull are leaders for existing civs.
Thanks to JtheJackal for posting about it on the forum!
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