Civ4 BTS Hands-on Preview @ GameSpy

right[/img]GameSpy also posted their hands-on preview of Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword. You probably won't find much new info if you have been reading the last few previews, but it's still a very good read! Be sure to check out the Boudica leaderhead and the 4 new Final Frontier screenshots!

The folks at GameSpy are impressed by the huge amount of content in the expansion. In fact, they fear it might be too much.

After seeing how staggering the list of changes and additions are to Civ IV: BtS, our main concern is this: it might be too much. Civ IV is already a pretty complicated game, and adding additional management layers (via Espionage and Corporations) and dealing with so much new stuff might simply be a bit overwhelming for even diehard Civ IV veterans. Then again, “too much stuff” isn’t a bad thing to complain about. Keep an eye out for both the Final Frontier demo, and our definitive feelings on Beyond The Sword in our review after it hits stores on July 24th.

The article mentioned that a demo of Final Frontier scenario will be available for download from FilePlanet next Month.

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