Firaxis Debuts Podcast Feature

Firaxis debuted their offcial podcast feature today. The first episode is entitled So, you make games for a living? featuring Sid Meier and other key players at Firaxis. In this episode, Sid Meier talks about what it is like to make games for a living, producers Dan Magaha (Railroads!), Jesse Smith (Civilization IV: Warlords) and Barry Caudill (Civ City: Rome) provide insight into their jobs, while QA Manager Tim McCracken talks about gettng paid to play games for a living.


The 20 minute long podcast is in MP3 format and is 14 MB in size. You can download it from this page on Firaxis’s website. Next month Soren Johnson (Designer) and Dorian Newcomb (Artist) will talk about prototyping Civilization IV.


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