Firaxis Q&A Part 2 & 3

Apolyton recently posted the second and third parts of a five part Firaxis Q&A which was recorded last July during ApolyCon.

In the second part, Soren Johnson picks up Civ’s story with Civ3 with Barry Caudill and Sid Meier joining in part way through. The three also respond to the occasional attendee question posed in relation to the discussion being given.

In the third part, Johnson talks about his first experience with Civilization and how he first learned just how little he actually knew about the series. Caudill touches upon his experiences with QA and the differences in approach Take-Two brings to Firaxis since purchasing the developer. These two Firaxians then address common Civ multiplayer difficulties with possible solutions and finalizing User Interface design. The subject of modding capabilities in CivIV is then broached.

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