Historical Scenarios in Civ4 BTS

righthttp://www.civfanatics.com/gallery/files/1/civ4bts705_ign05_thumb.jpg[/img]PC.IGN has posted a new Civ4 Beyond the Sword article, this time looking at six of the eleven scenarios included in the expansion pack. The 6 scenarios are all ancient or historical. In the next article they are going to look at the remaining scenarios.

The six scenarios are as follows:

  • Charlemagne

    This medieval scenario allows you to win through conquest, or by courting the favor of the Papacy.

  • Crossroads of the World

    This scenario allows players to pick one of five major civs and then drops them down in the Middle East with a number of lesser rival powers. No matter who you choose, the name of the game is money. The first of the five major powers to amass 30,000 gold wins the game.

  • Defense

    You begin this scenario with a small amount of cash for an advanced start buy, just enough to get a single city going before the game starts. You have to defend your city from a wave of enemy attacks.

  • Gods of Old

    This scenario focuses on the religious struggles of the Ancient World. Destroy other religions’ shrines and use your prophets to call down terrible disasters on enemy cities

  • Rhye's and Fall of Civilization

    Rhye’s mod adheres more closely to the historical timeline with regard to a civilization’s appearance on the world stage. The bonuses and units for the civilizations are also more historically accurate. In addition, Each civilization in the game can have different victory conditions.

  • WWII Road to War

    This scenario has three versions: one each for the Pacific and Europe starting in 1936 and one just for Europe beginning a little hotter in 1939. Two of the unique features are air strike that allows you to choose to target either non-military or military buildings, and bitter winter events in the Eastern Front.

Check out the article for more details on these scenarios! Thanks to Algan for posting about it!
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