New Civ4 downloads - 03/17/07

right[/img]Another terrific 2 weeks of CivIV modding. 37 new and updated downloads for Civilization IV, including 22 unit downloads. From the WWII 1939 modpack asioasioasio released 11 units for download so I decided to give him his own units section this time. Mozza opened up the female warrior floodgates with his excellent Headhunter model from which both GarretSidzaka and bernie14 made further modifications. Aranor contributed another custom civ, Dorian Greece, that looks well done. Arma, strategyonly, and Rhye all updated their modpacks so make sure your game is up to date. And lastly is the scenario that I’m currently deeply engrossed in, the 1640AD North America by Ambreville. If you want to settle colonial America check this one out.


asioasioasio UNITS – from the WWII 1939 modpack. All top quality. GRAPHICS MODPACKS CUSTOM CIV MODPACKS – Warlord 2.08 compatible MODPACK – Vanilla 1.61 and Warlords 2.08 compatible SCENARIO MAPSCRIPT RESOURCE

Thanks to all of the modders and please continue to announce your new and updated files.

edit - Added Total Realism Gold 2.1 after being reminded by Hian the Frog. Next time add it to the updates!!!

Note: If you would like your new or updated Civ4 file(s) included in this weekly announcement, please visit this thread for details.

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