New Civ4 Downloads - 04/03/07

right[/img]Another terrific couple of weeks of CivIV modding. 29 new and updated downloads for Civilization IV with a little bit of something for everyone from Tank Girls to SMAC citysets. For individual civilizations Amra converted the civs from CIV Gold into individual downloads. A big thanks for that! Modpacks receiving updates include Rhye’s and Fall of Civilization, Total Realism Gold, and European Middle Ages Resurrection. And last, but not least, the release of ViSa Expansion Pack 3 is finally here. Check this one out. :thumbsup:


GRAPHICS MODPACKS CUSTOM CIV - Warlords MODPACKS – Vanilla 1.61 compatible MODPACKS – Warlord 2.08 compatible MODPACK – Vanilla 1.61 and Warlords 2.08 compatible SCENARIO MAPS MAPSCRIPT UTILITY

Thanks to all of the modders and please continue to announce your new and updated files.

Note: If you would like your new or updated Civ4 file(s) included in this weekly announcement, please visit this thread for details.

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