PC Games of Summer 2006

On Wednesday PC.IGN posted a list of PC games coming out this summer. The list includes 13 games and Civilization IV: Warlords is one of them. Here is what they said about it:


Despite the fact that each Civ game has been fundamentally the same experience, Civ IV knocked it out of the park with sheer addictiveness, polish, and fun. In this installment, though, cities could sometimes defend themselves a little too well, forcing a would-be conqueror to devote every scrap of resource to gaining territory by force. The expansion introduces the Warlord unit, who is similar to the hero unit in Heroes of Might and Magic. Although this unit can be used in the same way as other Great People – starting golden ages, becoming Great Specialists – his specialty is providing attached units with combat enhancements. The expansion also introduces Shaka of the Zulus, Stalin, Churchill, and several other historical leaders. Each civilization will also get a unique building; the Americans can finally build their own strip malls. Oh, and there’s also several historical scenarios. And you can turn weaker nations into vassals. We’re already drunk with power!

A few other games on the list are Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War, Rome: Total War - Alexander, Dungeon Siege II: Broken World, Titan Quest, and Savage 2: Tortured Soul.


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