[April Fools] Sid Meier's Evolution: Everything you grow is wrong

righthttp://media.gamerevolution.com/images/games/pc/sid-meiers-evolution/small/sid-meiers-evolution_005.jpg[/img]Apparently Extreme Diplomacy Game Mode for Civilization V is not the only thing Firaxis is working on. :laughing: According to a preview article published yesterday by Game Revolution, Firaxis is also working on a brand new game titled Sid Meier's Evolution, which the article described as "spore-killer" and a "Civilization-destroyer" type game. The genre of the game is Virtual Life.

The Civilization games put players in era-spanning, God’s-eye control of an enduring human empire and Spore gave players godlike, manipulative influence on the adaptive transfiguration of a single biologically-competitive species over time. The scope of Sid Meier’s Evolution dwarfs the two franchises combined, tackling not only the trials and tribulations of terrestrial life as we know it, but of the fundamental, formative forces that define the Laws of a given universe—or, in this case, a host of potential Multiverses.

Further, SME aims to make good on Meiers’ long-standing design promise/threat not merely to elevate the player to omniscient/omnipotent status, but to remove the player effectively from the lowly, mundane business of click-obsessive engagement entirely, to better focus on The Big Picture. And this is just about as Big as it gets.

Head over to Game Revolution and see if you can follow what the game concept is about… :laughing:

PS: This was posted on April Fools’ Day. :wink:

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