Artikel over Civilization

logo_weekly_285x88.gifHet Engelstalige blad de Weekly Standard heeft een artikel gepubliceerd “‘Civilization’ and it’s content” in het nummer van 26 februari. Het behandelt het spel zelf, de populariteit en historie ervan, en er staat een interview in met Sid Meier.


Het is geschreven door Victorino Matus en het hele artikel is te lezen op de website van het blad. Een klein stukje:



Civilization followed on the heels of Meier’s Railroad Tycoon, which was released in 1990, and the smashing success of Will Wright’s SimCity. Both are considered the earliest of the so-called “God games,” in which all-powerful players focus primarily on building rather than destroying. Rather than overseeing a railroad operation or micromanaging a city, Meier thought, "Let’s ramp this up to a bigger stage, the whole world, the history of the world. And as we thought about that, all sorts of ideas popped into our heads. It just seemed like a very rich and fertile area [for] a game. And the whole Risk experience as a child I am sure tied into that. Wouldn’t it be fun to make a game where it ends up where you conquer the entire world? That was kind of the seed of the game. And then we played with it, came up with technologies, science, politics, and economics and put all that stuff in the game."Bron: CivFanatics


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