Assorted Civilization Revolution News

right[/img]right[/img]Here are a few new updates pertaining to Civilization Revolution (remember, the release in Europe is only days away, on Friday, June 13th):

The “All About…” pages for Julius Caesar of the Romans and Bismarck of the Germans have been released on the Civilization Revolution website, containing their bonuses, which had been published a few days ago, as well as fun facts and their civilopedia entries.

An article entitled “Demo Impressions: Civilization Revolution” was written on The Game Reviews, taking a look at the CivRev demo and its effectiveness at bringing the Civilization series to consoles. While it is somewhat critical, the review comments that it will help appeal to newcomers to the strategy genre.

The CivRev demo, at least for some users, has received a new map, different from the first one. Hopefully this provides more excitement as players count down the days until its launch.

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