Atomic Gamer Civ 5 Preview

Jeff Buckland at Atomic Gamer has written a Civ 5 Preview.

In this review, he mentions that mod-ability of previous games has spawned “fantastic communities”, linking to CivFanatics!


Most of my time spent playing Civilization games was with the second one, way back in the day, so if you're like me and didn't get much into the brilliant Civ IV, let's get you up to speed. It expanded on the series in a ton of great ways, and the added modification abilities in the last two games have spawned a fantastic community full of creative people that are very willing to share their work with others. Now, 2K and Firaxis are unveiling Civilization V, and this one might have some of the most radical changes in the series yet.
There is also mention of the "Strategic View" button that has been mentioned in other articles in the last few days.

>> Head on over to Atomic Gamer and check-out the preview.

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