August Civilization 4 files update

A new month, and again many, many, many new things! A lot has changed in the meantime since the last announcement: We have to more project subforums! We want to congratulate Xyth and StrategyOnly for their subforums! You can find the "History Rewritten" subforum here and the Cavemann 2 Cosmos subforum here.

And we have sure much other stuff else, and it seems to be organized in continents :laughing: . While we have now a mod only for europe, a new Europe map, and a new version of RFC Europe, the modders showed this month some special love for Africa. The north coast has been this time pretty much covered, with the Berbers, Libya, Tunisia and Algeria…and an ancient civ, the Vandals! Also the rest has not been neglected, with Civs for Swahili, Dahomey, the Amazons and Songhai. Oh, and i heard something about a RFC Africa…that will get interesting :grinning: .

And we have some real life coincidence now! Every civ fan wants to live history…and you can! Choose Libya as opponent, kick Gaddafis butt out of Africa right now, and live history! You’ve been there, and you played it!

And as conclusion: Have fun, like every month :grinning: !

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