Beyond Earth – Rising Tide: New Featurette, Sponsor, Soundtrack

2K and Firaxis Games today revealed a host of new information for the upcoming launch of Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide, scheduled for October 9, 2015. In celebration, they've released a third video featurette that explores hybrid affinities, introduced the fourth and final leader, and have announced that the official game soundtrack will be available for purchase as of September 29.

The last featurette for Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide, titled “

” teaches viewers how to invest in multiple Affinities, rather than specializing in just one as you secure a vision for the future of humanity. Learn more about which path is best for your civilization as you unlock special hybrid Affinity units along with unique upgrades.

Second, the fourth and final sponsor from the Rising Tide expansion has been revealed: Chungsu, led by Han Jae Moon. This announcement is on the heels of three other new leaders: Al Falah, the North Sea Alliance, and INTEGR. Han Jae Moon is the enigmatic leader of a dangerous organization based in the Korean Peninsula. In truth, Chungsu is an interstellar defense organization founded by ambitious futurists.

Lastly, they also announced that the Official Soundtrack to Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide is on sale as of September 29 on a variety of outlets, including iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and Google Play.

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