Beyond the Monument - Episode 9

Episode 9 of Beyond the Monument will feature gameplay/discussion on shifting from conquest to peace in the mid-game, as well as revisiting the Honour start after the patch. As always, Q&A from the live chat on can and will guide the content of the show. Makahlua will take on the cohosting role for this episode.

Episode 9 will be recorded live at 1pm EST/6 PM GMT/UTC Saturday the 10th of November, 2012.

About Beyond the Monument

The show is an on going (every other Saturday at 1pm EST/6pm GMT/UTC) effort to help players learn the concepts (basic and advanced) of strategy within Civ 5. Topics will vary and come directly from the live audience on most occasions. Beyond the Monument is recorded live in front of a audience.

Missed an episode?

If you missed a live recording of Beyond the Monument, then you can head over to the show’s Youtube channel and watch it there.

Want to be a cohost?

I’m always looking for knowledgeable members of the community that can discuss strategy on the show. Contact me here on CFC or via email ( to discuss it with me.

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