Brave New World - The Final Four

Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen,

After months of twists and turns we finally know all the Civilizations for Brave New World

So let’s go through the last four - trust me, things are about to get interesting!



Indonesia is a civ whose potential may be difficult to completely unlock, but if you can, you will be a very powerful force in the game. Firstly, they come with the only new Luxury Resources in the entire expansion. The Spice Islanders Unique Ability lets the first 3 cities founded on continents other than where your capital was founded each provide 2 unique Luxury Resources, Nutmeg, Cloves, or Pepper. Depending on the map this could be quite difficult, but if you can do it you will get a powerful happiness bonus and three potential trading hubs which can never be razed. However, the intriguing Indonesia does not stop there, for as well as having unique resources, you can build Kris Swordsman. This ‘interesting’ unit gets a completely random and seemingly unique promotion after its first round of combat. For example Ambition, which gives you a Combat bonus when attacking but a 20% penalty when defending, or Recruitment, which heals all damage if a non-barbarian unit is killed. Finally, if you still are not sold on the potential of this Civ, you can build the Candi, which replaces the Garden. As well as the usual Garden bonuses, it grants you +2 Faith for every world religion that has at least one follower in the city. So for once, leave those inquisitors at home, Indonesia ain’t got no time for that.



Once again the wonderful facial hair of Brave New World is on display with the gloriously bearded Ahmad al-Mansur of Morocco. Morocco is the desert specialist of Brave New World, with both their Berber Cavalry and Kasbah really making use of those frequently ignored lands. Firstly, their Berber Cavalry receives combat bonuses when fighting both in Desert tiles and in Moroccan territory, being quickly able to attack anyone who dares stray into their dunes. In addition, Morocco can build a Kasbah on desert tiles that not only gives a 50% bonus to defense but also grants you one additional Food, Production and Gold on the tile. If you combine this with Petra and Desert Folklore you are looking at a powerhouse of production that only you can fully tap. To go along with this desert power, Morocco also get a bonus to trade through their Unique Ability, Gateway to Africa. For each International Trade route with a different Civilization or City State you receive a +3 Gold and +1 Culture bonus (other civs gets +2 Gold bonus for each Trade Route sent to Morocco, as a nice thank-you we presume).

The Shoshone


The Shoshone unlike many of the other Civilizations in the Expansion, are not specialists in any one field. However, their various uniques will allow them to be adaptable to the play style of most players. Their first bonus is their Unique Ability - The Great Expanse. This UA grants a combat bonus in your own territory, as well as providing new cities with 12 surrounding tiles instead of the usual 6. Not only can you grab those pesky resources quicker and cheaper than any other civ, but you also will get to expand much quicker than everyone else with your culture head start and who doesn’t like a defensive bonus. When it comes to unique units the Bannock-Shoshone get two; the Comanche Riders, which are a cheaper, faster Cavalry unit, and the Pathfinder, one of the best new units in the game (in my opinion). The Pathfinder is an upgraded scout, which not only has the combat strength almost on-par with the Warrior but also comes with the Native Tongue Promotion, allowing you to choose what bonus you get from Ruins. No more ‘revealing barbarian camps’ 4 ruins in a row, or getting a surprise upgrade to an Archer next to a couple of Brutes. Look out Celts, your reign of always being the first to found a Pantheon may be over.



Last, but by no means least, is Venice. Wow! Where to begin. Hold onto your hats, for things are about to become weird … or wonderful … well it is really up to you. Firstly let us start with the fact that Enrico Dandolo of Venice cannot build any Settlers. Indeed Venice’s Unique Ability Serenissima also means that they cannot annex cities (though you can still capture and puppet of cities). However, while this seems like a real disadvantage, Venice does get some really nice perks. Firstly they get double the normal number of trade routes available, which is a major bonus and which rightly can turn the city of Venice into an economic powerhouse. Also, Venice can buy units and buildings in their puppeted cities. But what makes Venice really interesting is their Unique Great Person,the Merchant of Venice. Not only can you do all of the normal things a Great Merchant can do but a Merchant of Venice can also purchase City-States, bringing them under Venetian control as a Puppet (as a little bonus you will get a free Merchant of Venice when you research Optics). Finally, the Venetians can build a Great Galleass, which as the name would imply, is better than the normal Galleass. Also, props to Forum member Menzies for calling Venice all the way back in April, just off the color of one of the new City States.

So there you have it, we now know all of the 9 Civs for Brave New World. What do you think of the new choices, which Civ is your new favorite, is their truly one with the greatest beard? Come join in on the discussions in the Brave New World Forum.

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