BTS Multi-Team Demogame Update

right 541[/img]After 90 turns in the pitboss BTS Multi-Team Demogame II, the teams have finally pieced together the world map. Each team has an England-style starting island, separated from the main continent by a narrow channel.

The six teams played a variety of openings:

  • Philosophical Team Mavericks completed the Pyramids, giving them the most powerful specialists in the world.
  • Imperialistic Team AMAZON used their cheap settlers to build the most cities in the world. And they completed the Great Wall for even more great generals.
  • Financial Team Sirius emphasized commerce, gaining a significant GNP lead over their rivals.
  • Expansive Team Merlot achieved the largest population in the world under the benevolent rule of King Indiansmoke.
  • Viking Team CDZ spammed out fast galleys to keep their cities supplied with bacon, eggs, and spam. Now they have the largest colonial empire in the new world. And spam.
  • Charismatic Team Quatronia emphasized exploration and resource acquisition, following the theory that "he who controls the spice controls the universe". They are now the happiest civilization is the world.

As the available land runs out, the teams are plotting their next moves. Can one team dominate the main continent? Or is it wiser to invade a neighbor’s island directly?

Join your favorite team and help them decide!

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