BUFFY Mod released!

The BUFFY mod is a collaboration between the BUG (Beyond the Sword Unaltered Gameplay) and HOF (Hall Of Fame) teams (with a bif of input from the Game Of The Month team) to deliver a combined mod that has the best of both mods included. They're been working on it for some time, and its now ready for release. Here is their press release:


Hall of Fame and Game of the Month Participants

The Hall of Fame and Game of the Month Staffers have heard your pleas and have enlisted the assistance of the BtS Unaltered Gameplay Team to bring you:


All the unaltered gameplay awesomeness of BUG plus the cutting-edge time-savers in BULL rolled up in one HOF/GOTM compatible package.

In addition to the extensive BUG enchancements to the Main Screen and Advisors, some of the many features that BUFFY brings to you include …

  • Strategy Layer
  • Whip Assist
  • Enhanced Hovers
  • Advanced Combat Odds
  • BUG Charts
  • Global Warming Mod
  • Map Finder
Download: BUFFY for 3.19

For more information, please visit the BUG Announcement Thread.

The Hall of Fame and GOTM Staffs wish to express their thanks to the BUG Team for their dedication to this effort.

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