Civ 3 Uploads For January 2014!

First of all, I must apologise for there not having been a December 2013 update as I originally intended -and promised.

Now for the update:



Ares de Borg has uploaded his new terrain pack! It’s now in its Open Beta version 0.5, follow its evolution in the thread.

Anthony Boscia has uploaded a three-unit Army pack, some of those with sounds by Ares de Borg: Be all you can be with these three and other units in the same thread -check it out!

Big Bopper has started a Swedish Empire scenario.

Hakkaa päälle!

ruby_sauce (no, it's not a capitalisation mistake) has uploaded three new units:
  • a creepy Earthworm, winner of the unit award for the month (downloadable [FILE=22046]here[/FILE]);
  • a Looter, based on the game The last of us, downloadable [FILE=22247]here[/FILE];
  • and a colourful Multi-Utility Vehicle (depicted), downloadable [FILE=22175]here[/FILE].
One better than the other. Beware of the Earthworm.

And a re-upload!

Ozymandias has reuploaded TheMorpheus’ [FILE=22055]Space Battleship Yamato[/FILE]. Kudos, sir!

May I wish you a happy belated New Year, folks. :hatsoff:

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