Civ 4 Bts : 10 Million Barrier Broken - Twice!

right[/img]Back in 2012/13 a number of players made assaults on a previously unthinkable record - 5million points in a BTS game. Towards the end of that period players speculated that new ideas and thinking might make 7 or 8 million points a realistic new target.

G-Major 144 was a Deity Gauntlet defined to give players the chance to test the limits of the game. Over the last 6 months a hard fought contest has been marked by generous sharing of thoughts and tips as well as astonishment from onlookers at the feats being attempted.

New concepts, such as stockpiling Quechas to be sacrifices in a strike, enabled undreamed of heights to be realised.

When the dust settled WastinTime, who had pioneered the 5 million approach had doubled that score with an amazing result of 10,073,848! However, astonishingly this wasn’t enough to win the gauntlet - for Kaitzilla had trumped that with a staggering 11,411,060 points!

Congratulations to both players for amazing entries and for pushing the boundaries of BTS. The whole thread is well worth a read whilst the formal Gauntlet results can be found here.

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