Civ Iii Uploads For June 2014!


A lot has elapsed since the last announcement.

It has been a long time since we last saw a new utility, but Puppeteer has devised a Turnlog-to-BBCode Spreadsheet program for C3C, which works on Excel as well as Google Docs spreadsheets. Check out the thread!

Some worthy graphics work has come up:

  • CivArmy s. 1994 has uploaded a complete modpack, called The Golden Hordes Mod, which adds 62 new civilisations to the original mod. It is available for download a this thread, and requires Conquests to work.
  • Balthasar has published a beautiful Mars Terrain set which includes its own terrain graphics, depicted above.
  • Shadow of Death has uploaded a map pack of the Pacific theatre of World War II, the Industrial Age Pacific Theatre Map.

    It comes with three versions: a blank one for yourself to make your map (or play as a normal game), one with pre-placed resources. and one with pre-placed cities and civilisations.

Now, to our main staple, the units:

  • Vuldacon has been extremely prolific. He has published a plethora of units, many of them visible in the title picture:

  • Balam-Agab has released two unit packs.
    • The first of those is the Maurya unit pack, from his Empires of the East series. It consists of nine new units: three infantrymen, two foot archers, two horsemen and two elephant units.
    • The second is twice as big: the MediƦval and Renaissance Ireland contains no less than EIGHTEEN new horse and foot units from the Emerald Isle.
  • LeftMiddleRight, also known as LizardmenRule!, another prolific creator, who has also gifted us with a High Marshall Helbrecht leaderhead, has made several all-new units:
    • an Attack Bike, a Chaplain and Crusader Chaplain, all available at the same thread;
    • a Defiler;
    • as well as a Heavy Bolter Squad, which can seriously double as a not-so-futuristic unit for late stages of the epic game.
  • Anthony Boscia has uploaded a British Army Pack (Tank, Helicopter and Paratrooper) and an OTR-21 Missile Launcher.
  • gwendoline has published, among other units 'for man's work', an [file=22249]Anatom Cyborg[/file] and an [file=22759]ArisGator[/file] tracked amphibious vehicle.
  • A collaborative effort between Delta_Strife, Ares de Borg and Wyrmshadow has yielded a [file=22816]San Antonio class[/file] Amphibious Transport Dock unit.

See you soon, folks!

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