Civ V Hall of Fame - Beta Gauntlet 1

right[/img]While the general Hall of Fame is an ongoing competition, we like to run time-definite competitions between updates that we call Gauntlets. Standard Hall of Fame rules (*) still apply, but any games meeting the settings will be counted towards the Gauntlet.

*There is no Civ V HOF Mod as of yet, so please play these games in the spirit of the Civ IV Hall of Fame Rules. Please review these before playing.


  • Victory Condition: Cultural (though all victory conditions must be enabled)
  • Difficulty: Prince
  • Starting Era: Ancient
  • Map Size: Standard
  • Map Type: Continents
  • Speed: Normal
  • Civ: Arabia
  • Opponents: Any, 8 only, 16 City States only
  • Resources: Standard
  • Must Not Be Checked: No Barbarians, New Random Seed, Random Personalities
  • Date: 29th September to 29th October 2010

The earliest finish date wins, with score as a tiebreaker. See the game thread for further details.

Good luck :goodjob:

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