Civ4: Beyond the Sword - Full Details!

right[/img]IGN has released an article by Steve Butts that details many of the new "toys" of BTS. The article details the new civilizations and leaders, buildings, wonders, leaders, and technologies. For the new civilizations, they've even listed the starting techs, UU and UB, plus a small blurb on their abilities. They were kind enough to leave this little tid-bit:

“We’ll be back later this week with our hands-on impressions, including the new ways that air combat and forts work; how colonies, corporations and espionage have impacted the diplomacy and economy of the game; and of course, how the heck the Apostolic Palace works in practice.”

Thanks to mrbee for posting it.

>> Civ4 BtS Info Center

>> Civ4 BtS Screenshots

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