Civ4 Beyond the Sword Multi-Team PitBoss Game


The Second Civ4 M.T.D.G. is about to start!

If you missed the action in the first M.T.D.G (Multi-Team Democracy Game) now’s your chance to join at the start of the new one!

This time around there will be 5 teams vying for the win in Civ4 - Beyond the Sword played over a PitBoss server.


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Spoiler for Questions (Click to expand):
What is an MTDG?
It's a "beyond multiplayer" experience. Not only will you be playing against other humans – you'll be playing against TEAMS of devious, honorable, innovative, emotional, warmongering, & diplomatic players. Each team has a private forum in which to plot, elect leaders, plan diplomacy, and strategize for war.
What if I don't own a copy of BtS?
No problem! You don't even have to own Civ4 to join in the fun. (Though, obviously, you'll need to own BtS if you ever want to serve as turnplayer for your team).
How long will it take to play?
Each team must play their turn in 24 hours or less. So there's guaranteed to be at least 1 save to play every week – though it's obviously possible that the game could move faster than that. But remember: even when there's not a save to play, there's still scheming and planning to be done with your team in the private forum.
What are the game settings?
Plans are still being finalized – so join the conversation taking place right now! We know for sure that there will be 5 teams, it'll be a simultaneous-turn PitBoss game, played in Civ4 BtS, with a 24 hour turn timer.
Had this been done before?
Yes! There have been 2 MTDG's played with C3C, and we just finished an MTDG game in Civ4-vanilla. The 1st Civ4 MTDG took a long time to complete, but this game will be much faster, thanks to the change to a PitBoss format. You can get a flavor of the game by watching a video summary of the 1st Civ-4 MTDG on YouTube (and a whole slew of other videos) by visiting the
EEN Headline News thread
Am I cut out for this?
If you love playing SGOTM, then this is like an expanded version where, instead of playing against an AI, you are playing against real human intelligence - and thus playing against a better opponent. If you play Single-Player games, then you will get a challenge of playing other skilled players and expanding your knowledge of the game through cooperation and competition with those players. If you play Multi-Player games then you get an expanded MP game that we know you will enjoy.

So what are you waiting for?

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