Civ4 Beyond the Sword Patch v3.17

right[/img]With a lot of focus and attention on the upcoming Colonization game, Firaxis in a surprising move released a new patch today for Beyond the Sword, labelled version 3.17. This version builds upon the previous one, 3.13, as well as Bhuric's unofficial patch. The new v3.17 patch incorporates numerous bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, and additional features like new map scripts. To view a changelog that lists all the modifications, please see this post.

Almost 170 MBs in size, the patch is certainly large but well worth it. You can download it in-game by selecting “Advanced” from the main menu and then “Check for Updates”. Alternatively, you can download the patch directly from our downloads database or one of the download mirrors below:

Download Mirrors: Strategy Informer | CFC.Net

The patch has likely been released on Direct2Drive as well for individuals who purchased the game online. At first glance, it also seems that the patch is compatible with saves from version 3.13, so you can continue old games.

Thanks to Astax and Ginger_Ale for the news tip.

>> Download the new patch

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