Civ4 BTS Preview on IGN

It's been a busy week for Civ4 Beyond the Sword. :grinning: This new preview on IGN goes over some features already mentioned in previous previews, and also includes some new info about the scenarios. It's a good read.
  • In the Charlemagne scenario, units won't heal without supply trains following them along when outside friendly borders. These defenseless units will have to be protected in order for invading forces to continue their advance against the Sacarens.
  • In Final Frontier, instead of simply plopping down a city on a map, you will have to explore the galaxy to find new inhabitable solar systems. There's a story for the scenario as well where you'll play the part of a colony that has lost contact with Earth you'll have to figure out what happened to the fabled homeworld. The game will stretch across multiple solar systems, asteroid belts, black holes, nebulas, and more. Every game unit will have new weapons and technology to go along with their sci-fi spaceship art. Values, a bit like those many of us remember from Alpha Centauri, replace religion and starbases can be built to spread influence.
  • The Afterworld scenario focuses the action on tactical team-based strategy. It will even incorporate ideas like boss battles.
No new screenshots but they said they will be running several features involving the various scenarios and new features before the expansion's release.

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