Civ4 BTS Review on PC.IGN: 8.9/10

PC.IGN has published a detailed review of Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword written by Steve Butts. He believes the expansion energizes an already lively strategy game and that players won't be able to put it down for months due to the large amount of content.

A few things he doesn’t like include the corporations system (“doesn’t seem to make much sense”), late game performance problems, espionage system on Marathon speed (“too effective”), and no Nimoy for the new tech quotes.

Below is the breakdown by rating category:

  • 9.0 - Presentation

    Tons of new content that nicely complement the game’s current strategies.

  • 8.0 - Graphics

    The new assets are rendered well and fit the style of the game nicely. Some of the icons could be improved.

  • 7.0 - Sound


  • 8.5 - Gameplay

    The espionage and new combat options alone are worth the price of admission. Corporations need work.

  • 9.5 - Lasting Appeal

    A tougher AI and more strategies options extend the life of the game considerably. Scenarios and mods are interesting diversions.

  • 8.9 - Great


    (out of 10 / not an average)

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