Civ4 Gotm Turns 100

Civ4 GOTM turns 100!


March 2014 sees a big Civ4 Game of the Month (GOTM) milestone – it’s the 100th Vanilla GOTM. Yes, it’s really been 100 months and still going strong! To celebrate, GOTM 100 is being played on the very same map that the very first Civ4 GOTM was played on all those years ago – although this time at emperor level (GOTM 1 was on noble). You can enter GOTM 100 and experience a bit of GOTM history!

GOTMs are friendly competitions in which everyone plays the same starting map (without replaying any turns - it has to be your first attempt to play the game). At the end of the month, we announce the results and winners. And during the month, we release spoiler threads on the GOTM forums so you can discuss your game with other players.

The extended deadline for GOTM 100 is April 15th. To play, just download the starting map from HERE (most people take the contender save). Play the game through without replaying any turns and submit via the submission link on the GOTM Home page. The detailed game announcement is here - please read it for full details of the competition if you intend playing. You’ll need to have installed the HOF mod and to be running the game with admin privileges on your computer.


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