Civ4 Warlords Review on IGN: 8.4/10

IGN’s Steve Butts has posted his three page review of Civilization IV: Warlords, giving the expansion a good 8.4 out of 10 score. Like the GameSpy review, he felt the new additions are nice “but the quantity could be higher”. Here is the final verdict:


So is the expansion worth it? That really depends on the type of Civ fan you are. Those who are only interested in the single-player standard game can safely pass on the expansion pack, at least until the price drops. Vassals and great generals add some interesting elements to the game but they don’t change the single-player experience enough to justify an immediate purchase.


If you’re a fan of scenarios or multiplayer games, then Warlords is definitely a more attractive proposition. We don’t get much mileage out of Civ scenarios ourselves, but the ones included in Warlords change up the gameplay in interesting ways. There plenty of free scenarios available but the ones presented here are much more inventive and polished than those you’d find online.


If like me, you’re a hardcore Civ fan who cherishes every single speck of Civ-related content, then Warlords is something you bought on day one and you’re only reading this review because you’re taking a break between turns. Still, we’re a little disappointed that there’s not more going on in the modern era. Triremes, Great Walls, and Numidian Horsemen are all well and good, but once the game hits the Renaissance, you’ve pretty much run out of cool new toys. We certainly hope the next expansion offers more across all eras of the game.

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