Civ4 Winners in Gameflood Contest

I'm freely admitting to borrowing from Willowmound's post here, but after a PM from Rhye felt it did need a News Update thread as well. Thanks for the great write-up Willowmound.

Civ4 mods triumph in three of seven categories!

And the winners are…

Best RTS mod: Fall From Heaven II, by Kael.

Judges’ comments:

“This mod is, BY MILES, the best mod in recent memory.” – Graeme Bayless of Kush Games

“1 in my book by far. This one is hard to even view as a mod …truly a mod masterpiece” – Dustin Hansen of Polystew

(The Ancient Mediterranean, by Laurino, placed third)

Best RTS map: Earth 18 civs, by Rhye.

Judges’ comments:

“FREAKING AWESOME!!! I totally love this map” – Dustin Hansen of Polystew

“No question this is the clear #1. Details are flawless. “–Graeme Bayless of Kush Games

Best RTS mini-mod: ActualQuotes for Warlords, by Willowmound (yours truly).

Judge’s comment:

“Great work …Nice content and it has a visceral appeal to it. Clean and professional looking” - Dustin Hansen of Polystew

Here is the full list of results over at GameFlood.

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