Civ5 Pre-order Bonus and DLC

Last Saturday, Direct2Drive announced Civ5 is available for pre-order on their site. They are giving away Civilization III Complete and a ""2 civilizations + scenario" DLC as pre-order bonus when the DLC becomes available in late 2010.

2K Greg posted on the forum yesterday about this direct2drive pre-order bonus, confirming the DLC pack will be available for separate purchase by anyone.


1. The "2 civilizations + scenario" Premium DLC mentioned on the Direct2Drive preorder page will be purchasable separately by anyone. The D2D preorder bonus is that they give it to you for free. I do not know what the price of this DLC will be.
  1. I am getting details for you about what the “Cradle of Civilization” Map Packs are that a couple retailers are offering as bonuses. As soon as I know I’ll update this post and let you guys know.

  2. We’re putting together a webpage to detail for you what the different preorder bonuses are from the different retailers. We want you to be able to make an informed choice, and so soon we’ll have that page for you to reference to see what all of your options are.

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