Civ5 Preview on The Escapist

The Escapist has recently published a preview of Civ5, complete with six minutes of game footage from their play session. The preview reads much like a story, giving a sense of what the game is like as it unfolds from the very beginning.

Crossing the mountain range to the north, I met the first civilized leader, poor Augustus Caesar. No amount of flattery or attempts at trade would crack his smile. Surrounded by finery such as he is, Augustus couldn't open his heart and mind to the Iroquois way of life. Perhaps that is why he attacked me with his legions, unprovoked and without warning. Caesar's armies took my great city of Grand River. Little did Caesar know that the Iroquois nation is blessed and that the first our many Golden Ages dawned soon after his treachery. It was the turn of the tide.

Ceasar sent his armies to Osininka, but the brave defenders bombarded the approaching hordes and my horsemen were able to send out sorties to attack and then fall back behind the city walls. His vanguard beaten back, cowardly Caesar offered a peace treaty, but I refused. Backed by the confidence that my Golden Age lent, I liberated Grand River and then turn the attention of my armies to Rome. Vengeance would be sweet.

My armies swelled the forests and hills approaching the Roman capital, but before I could sack that mighty city, Augustus offered me a final offer of peace and placated me with territory and riches. How could I refuse? I am fierce, but not cruel. I took Caesar’s offer of the twin cities of Antium and Cumae and signed a peace with Rome that would last millennia. I built houses of law to teach my new Roman subjects freedom, and allow them to become productive citizens of the Iroquois nation.

Thanks to Scramble for the news tip!

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