Civ5 Strategic View Screenshots

2K Greg has posted some new info and screenshots of the strategic view feature in Civilization V. Check it out!

What is it, you say? Strategic View allows you to view your empire in a very clean, easy-to-read fashion. By default, each hex has icons for special resources, improvements, and any units in the tile. You can also customize the view by selecting only a single icon to be shown. So, if you want to get an overall view of how your military units are deployed, you can turn on the option to only show units and see the information you need without any extra noise.

In addition, you can enable different “overlays” in Strategic View to make it even easier to find what you need. For example, turning on the “unit type” overlay to have each hex colored based on if the unit in its square is melee, ranged, artillery, and so on.

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