Civ5 War Academy Competition: Winners


The Civ5 War Academy Competition closed a few days ago, and now it’s time to announce the winners. We’d firstly like to thank all those that have participated and are continuing to participate in the development of the War Academy. We’ve got 36 articles in the draft stage at the moment, and hope to have as many of them as possible ready for public display when the War Academy opens to the public.

  • First prize in the draw- Sid Meier's Civilization V Digital Deluxe Edition + 1 Civilization DLC- zyx
  • Second prize in the draw- 1 Civilization DLC- Veneke
  • The user who writes the most articles- Civilization V: Explorer's Map Pack + 2 Civilization DLC- Veneke (for 3 articles)
  • The user who writes the best article- 2 Civilization DLC- MadDjinn (for his excellent 'Basic Guide to Social Policies' article)
  • The user who writes the second most articles- 1 Civilization DLC- baswow (for 3 articles)
  • The user who writes the third most articles- 1 Civilization DLC- MadDjinn (for 2 articles)

vexing actually wrote the most articles (4), but graciously decided to forgo the prizes, as he already has all the DLC. Note also that Veneke won over baswow due to the stages of completion their respective articles were at. Similarly, there were multiple users who drafted 2 articles, but MadDjinn won based on quality.

Again, thank you to all the participants of the competition and of the construction of the War Academy more generally, and we hope you’re looking forward to its opening next week. :grinning:

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