Civbe Patch Released (Version

CivBE Winter 2015 Update now live. It should automatically download when you open Steam. The patch notes are as follows:

  • Added support for Simplified Chinese


  • General cost pass on all Wonders

  • Xenodrome - Provides a small positive influence to alien opinion each turn, and negative alien opinion recovers twice as quickly

  • Panopticon - Gives +1 unit sight and +5 anti-orbital strike range on city

  • Mass Driver - Gives +1 city strike range and +25% city strike damage

  • Gene Vault - Gives free worker to new cities

  • Ectogenesis Pod - Gives 1 Food per 4 pop in its city

  • Quantum Computer - Gives free orbital unit maintenance and +50% orbital unit duration

  • Drone Sphere - Gives +50% speed to worker builds and explorer expeditions

  • Cynosure - Gain +1 Science for every 3 population in its city

  • Ansible - Affinity XP is gained 25% faster

  • Stellar Codex - +8 Orbital Coverage range

  • Master Control - Free Maintenance and +1 Movement for Workers

  • Precog Project - Military Units can achieve two additional levels of Veterancy

  • Human Hive - City immune to Covert Operations

  • Holon Chamber - Gain Science equivalent to 10% of global Energy income each turn

  • Archimedes Lever - Any hostile unit within 2 tiles of the city suffers 10 attrition damage per turn

  • Memetwork - All Affinity Level requirements for buildings, units, and wonders reduced by 1

  • New Terran Myth - +2 Culture from Trade Routes

  • Markov Eclipse - Military Units attack at full strength even when damaged

  • Promethean - City no longer produces Unhealth

  • Nanothermite - All air, ranged, and city bombard attacks 25% stronger

  • Xenomalleum - +5 Titanium, Petroleum, and Geothermal resource

  • Xenonova - Penalties due to Unhealth reduced by 50%

  • Bytegeist - All Virtue Tier synergy bonuses require one less point to complete

  • Armasail - City suffers 50% less damage from ranged attacks

  • Deep Memory - +1 Culture for every 3 Population in every City

  • Tectonic Anvil - +5 Production from Canyons

  • Crawler - +25% Production for buildings and wonders

  • Daedelus Ladder - All City Yields +10%

  • Resurrection Device - Benefits from positive Health effects increased by 50%


  • Domination victory is now won by controlling all original player capitals including your own.

  • Veterancy Promotions: All combat boost promotions add +10% strength

  • Veterancy Promotions: All unit heal promotions starting at level 4 heal 75 hp

  • Veterancy Promotions: Adding level 5 and 6 unit veterancy promotions to work with Precog Project

  • Virtues: Replaced Applied Aesthetics virtue with Applied Metasociology virtue - City Intrigue decreases faster when an Agent is present

  • Virtues: Settler Clans virtue now gives +1 population in new cities

  • Trade Routes: Trade route slots now primarily unlocked based on city population. Trade Depot allows building trade routes and gives 1 slot, all others unlock at population thresholds

  • Trade Routes: Added option to auto-renew Trade Routes

  • Covert Ops: Lowered intrigue level required for affinity covert ops

  • Friendly aliens no longer prevent city citizens from working plots


  • Added tech filters for Units and Orbital categories

  • Victory progress tooltips show explicit status of quest objectives

  • Re-enabling yield for canyon plots (2 production, not improvable)

  • Added “Incoming Transmission” on main menu for in-game messaging


  • Fixed an issue where Victory Wonders could be built by AI in captured territory, and not be able to be interacted with

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the AI to not aggressively target rival planetary Wonders

  • Fixed an issue where non-Harmony AI players were not clearing Miasma properly

  • AI is now more selective about desiring alliances

  • AI will now form alliances to counter a strong shared neighbor.


  • Added my2K functionality to title, allowing cross-game connectivity and unlocks with other Firaxis titles (starting with Sid Meier’s Starships), along with other future perks

  • Added Glacier map that unlocks when signing in to my2K for the first time


  • Fixed an issue where Covert Ops panel could go blank in the middle of a game, or after a coup

  • Fixed an issue where AI aircraft city UI was displaying in Fog of War

  • Fixed an issue where resource pods and relics where not placing properly on the Taigon map type

  • Fixed an issue with the Growth Potential quest failing when the AI would destroy a target station

  • Fixed an issue where an AI leader would sometimes propose an offer that they would not accept when you agreed

  • Fixed an issue where a player might not be able to restart a Victory wonder (like the Beacon) if a Victory wonder was attacked after the countdown had started

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the skeleton to not drop when a Worm was killed (still only a chance, but now works properly

  • Fixed an issue that was causing Xenomass under an existing alien nest to not be counted when the nest turned friendly

  • Fixed misc crashes as reported by Steam error reporting

  • Additional misc bug fixes

Discuss the patch in our CivBE General Discussions forum.

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