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"The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global village"- Marshall McLuhan

With the scale of content and happenings on CFC, it’s impossible to keep us with all that’s going on. So here’s a quick summary of some of the stuff you might have missed that might be of interest to you. :grinning:

Forum Utility- ABBREX

ABBREX, the abbreviation expander, is a new forum utility developed by BandC. It’s a Firefox/Chrome extension, that automatically gives you explanations for all the abbreviations you might find in the forums (see the image on the left). There’s a discussion thread here for those interested, and the more people use it and contribute to its database, the more useful it’ll become. If you’re struggling with some of the abbreviations you see posted, there’s also this relatively new article in the Civ5 War Academy, and the tried and tested Civ4 acronym list.


A great mod has recently been released; the Ingame Editor (IGE) by DonQuiche. This acts just like the World Builder from Civ4, allowing you to modify your games without exiting the game and launching the SDK. For everything else modding related, see the Civ5 Creation & Customisation forum.

Something that should interest keen Civ5 followers is this recent thread by Pouakai on some of the unused images hidden in Civ5 code. In the lower right corner you can see a merchant model that hasn’t made it into the game yet, and there are plenty more ranging from wonders to buildings to advisors.

If you’re interested in multiplayer, there are a few games looking for players currently in the Civ5 Multiplayer forum:

The Civ5 community is also buzzing with video “Let’s Play” activity, with the following in progress:
  • >>link- Buzzdowan’s first LP, a Gandhi domination attempt on Emperor difficulty.
  • >>link- Alphy’s Prince LP - China, for those wanting a focus on the mid-levels.
  • >>link- MadDjinn’s Deity LP - England, making use of the Sun Never Sets unique ability.
  • >>link- Wainy’s (Cultural!) Deity LP - Persia, finished now, but certainly worth a watch!
  • >>link- Wainy’s Let’s Play Deity - The Generic Conquest Victory, playing as the Ottomans, a display of raw aggression, as the title suggests.

If you’re wanting to keep an eye on some of the mods in progress, check out:

We hope to bring you more news from other parts of the forum in future, and to round this out on with something from Civ4, Neal, having returned to the King of the World series, is running a pre-poll for the 20th iteration, following the conclusion of KotW #19.

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have on this or anything else site-content-related, so feel free to post any comments or questions here, or contact a member of the Content Staff. :grinning:

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