Civfanatics Q&a For Beyond Earth

A couple of weeks ago, 2K asked our community to submit questions for the developers of Civilization: Beyond Earth to answer, and now we have the answers in a 2K Blog. The questions answered were:
  • Could you advise what the starting advantage is of one of the already revealed factions?
  • How far does the unit workshop allow us to customize the units? Do the upgrades work in a similar manner to promotions in Civilization V?
  • We've heard that the culture system is based on ‘virtues’ - is that much like the policy trees in Civilization V?
  • Apart from Earth itself, does Beyond Earth feature one planet each play?
  • How many turns will we have at the start of a game of Beyond Earth before other factions arrive? Will they then all arrive at once?

So check out the answers on the 2K Blog, and then head to our CivBE forum to discuss them!

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