Civilization 4 files update

Another month is over, and again we are able to present you some fine creations :grinning: .

And even more, the Civ4 modding forum got another subforum: Congratulations to Leoreth, who has got a forum for it’s Rhye’s And Fall modmod Dawn Of Civilization.

Also some big mods got updates, e.g. the Cavemen2Cosmos mod or Thomas War and its derivatives like the ExtremeMod, and the african phase from the last update continues with a Kongo civ and the LH for Matope. But with the newest release of RFC asia and with civs for Dzungaria, Missisipi and Bohemia also the other continents got some love from the modders :grinning: .

But no matter what you prefer, you should check all the things out :wink: . Have fun.

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