Civilization 5 December Files Update

Christmas has come earlier for civ5 modders, as the long-awaited DLL's source code was released with the fall patch. It may take some time before mods start to use its full potential, but there are already some example of what can be done in DLL - Various Mod Components by whoward69, Range 3 Bugfix by DaveMcW, the Ability to Raze all Cities by rf900, the Combat DLL used in R.E.D. WWII Edition, and the 34 Civs DLL (for YnAEMP).

Now the DLL is not required to make great mods, and after his American Civil War Scenario, FramedArchitect have released another masterpiece this time based on the American Revolutionary War.

I could have made one separated announcement for units only, as our makers have added them in large number again to the database, and we have both quality and quantity here, thank you guys ! :goodjob:

In the game play section, the More Wonders team continues to bring us, well, wonders, in the Diwali Wonder Pack, Genghis.Khan has released some re-balance mods before starting to work on a larger project, alexwebb2 is bringing us back in the good old time of earlier civs with the Throne Room mod, and Hiram and Tomatekh give us more City-States, more Civilizations and more Religions to play with.

Have fun, and remember to thanks our modders :laughing:

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