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New month, new mods. Again we want to present you the best mods, which the community produced. But before you now begin to download all the stuff, first read the most important thing this month: CivFanatics now has the first mod subforum for a Civilization 5 modification! Thalassicus has produced so many mods, which have so many fans, that he now has his own area in the forum, check it out!

It should also be noted, that 2 of the traditional projects from Civ4, History In The Making, and the 50 states project, have moved on to Civ5, and are now working to enhance the newest iteration. But we are also happy to welcome some newcomers to the modding bussiness, like Moriboe, who’s focussing on the part of Civ5, which has been, like many people think, neglected by the designers: Building, building, building.

So, play and have fun with all the new things :grinning: .

Civilization 5 Mods

Graphical modifications


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