Civilization 5 Modding Updates

As many of you may or may not have noticed, the Civilization 5 Mod Releases announcements have not been written or posted for a good long period of time. But never fear, today you are getting a new update for Civilization V mods, specifically mods released for the Brave New World Expansion. These mods have been created by very skilled modders and contain loads of new content, from new civs and units, to total conversions. So go check them out, and have fun playing a whole new game of Civilization. :grinning:

Civilization V Mods:

Civilization V New Civilizations: Civilization V Mod Components: Civilization V Maps & Mapscripts: Civilization V Graphics & Music:

I think I got all of the ones listed in the Civ 5 mod announcement thread since BNW, but if I missed one please PM me about it. Happy Modding! :grinning:

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