Civilization Iv Hall Of Fame Update

right[/img]The Civilization IV Hall of Fame has been updated. 76 games were accepted since the previous update.

Congratulations to A_Turkish_Guy for the highest score of the update with a Huge, Marathon, Chieftain, Domination game for 2212599 points.

GKey was the most active player during this update, submitting 18 games.

Only 1 player was brave enough to take on Deity this update:

Sun Tzu Wu
- 1820 AD, Duel, Marathon, Deity, Conquest game for 533534 points

A number of players gained number one positions at the higher levels:

with a 2100 BC, Small, Marathon, Immortal, Religious game for 31036 points.

with a 1930 BC, Standard, Marathon, Immortal, Religious game for 40595 points.

with a 2130 BC, Tiny, Marathon, Immortal, Religious game for 37770 points.

with a 975 BC, Standard, Normal, Emperor, Conquest game for 102771 points.
Gauntlet Results:

G-Major 112a - Emporer, Conquest, Standard, Normal, Ancient

1stKaitzilla 975 BC

2ndPollina 925 BC

3rdlymond 600 BC

G-Major 112b - Emporer, Conquest, Standard, Normal, Classical

1stKaitzilla 75 BC

2ndPollina 225 AD

3rdlymond 520 AD

G-Major 112c - Emporer, Conquest, Standard, Normal, Medieval

1stGKey 1220 AD

2ndPollina 1240 AD

3rdlymond 1360 AD

G-Major 112d - Emporer, Conquest, Standard, Normal, Renaissance

1stGKey 1635 AD

2ndlymond 1640 AD

3rdPollina 1650AD

G-Major 112e - Emporer, Conquest, Standard, Normal, Industrial

1stGKey 1918 AD

G-Major 112f - Emporer, Conquest, Standard, Normal, Modern

1stGKey 1948 AD

2ndbcool 1951 AD

3rdlymond 1958 AD

G-Major 112g - Emporer, Conquest, Standard, Normal, Future

1stTermitnik 2008 AD

2ndGKey 2011 AD

3rdbcool 2018 AD

G-Minor 161 - Culture, Monarch, Industrial Era, Normal

1stkovacsflo 1936 AD

2ndlymond 1964 AD

3rdBugio 1983 AD

** New Gauntlets Starting **

G-Major 113 - Space Colony, Immortal, Ancient, Small, Normal, (check options)

G-Minor 162 - Space Colony, Chieftain, Ancient, Large, Normal (check options)

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