Civilization IV: War of Two Cities Available for Smartphones

A mobile version of Civ4, Civilization IV: War of Two Cities, is now available for phones that run Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices. A company that focuses on games for phones, Concrete Software today announced that the game had been ported to this new platform and can be bought from multiple wireless providers. Here is a description of the game:

Sid Meier's Civilization IV: War of Two Cities takes classic aspects of Civilization and pulls them into a new strategic game, allowing players to engage in world domination via their mobile phone. Using technology development, army building and combat, players will nurture and expand an empire while progressing from the birth of civilization to modern times. Within this casual format, players will advance through the game revealing new features and strategies.
We are certainly seeing the expansion of the Civilization series beyond its traditional role as just a PC game, making its way onto consoles and phones.

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