Civilization Revolution Hands-on @ IGN

Yesterday IGN posted a new hands-on preview of Civilization Revolution, talking about the faster pace of the game, map navigation, game controls, graphics style, and more.

But Civ Rev hasn't just been downsized; it's also been improved for console play. The graphics are bright and clear but not intricately detailed, a helpful approach for a game that will be played from the couch rather than an office chair. Almost everything in Civ Rev is no more than three button clicks away, and most are one. This not only keeps menu fiddling at a minimum (a godsend on a clunky controller) but also keeps the game moving along quickly.
While they pointed out a few minor interface related issues, they consider Civilization Revolution a successful adaptation of the classic PC franchise from what they have seen so far. Next week they plan to post another preview focusing on the era bonuses for each civilization.
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