Civilization Revolution Out Today!

join1280x960_thumb.jpgCivilization Revolution has finally been released now worldwide with the launch of the game here in the United States! As a reminder, you can visit the marketplace to order a copy of the game from Amazon if you haven’t done so already. If you are looking to discuss the game, head on over to the CivRev forums to post with other fellow players.


To cap off our coverage, here are two final reviews to potentially win you over: a 3-page TeamXbox review rated the game 9/10 and gave it their Editor’s Choice Award, while a Gamespy article gave it 3.5/5, citing, among other things, a “vicious and vindictive AI” as one of the drawbacks.


Lastly, there was a posting by a 2K Games employee about various gifts of downloadable content you can get with the game by purchasing CivRev from a store. Participating stores include GameStop/EB Canada, Target, Best Buy, and Circuit City.


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