Civilization Revolution Review @ Platform Nation

Platform Nation has reviewed Civilization Revolution, giving the game an overall rating of B. The reviewer rated the game in the following six categories: Graphics: A-; Sound: B+; Gameplay: A-; Controls: B; Replay/Multiplayer: B; Value: B-.

This game is a lot of fun and its very easy to pick up and play. For those of you who have never played a Civilization game before, you really need to try this game out, as I feel it was made more for you than the hardcore fans. Maybe you’ll like how extremely colorful it is. I still feel that it’s a little overboard, but I can guarantee that you will have some fun. If you’re an online gamer you will surely have some epic matches that you will love and feel so proud when you win. Still, the single player doesn’t have the legs and for hardcore Civilization fans. There is too much missing and this, at times, seems like a step back for the general mass appeal that Firaxis Games seems to be striving for. Even with all my issues with the game, I feel that they are little issues and that they do not take away from the game too much.
A video review that goes over the same points in the article is also included.
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