Civilzation 6 - The First Four Leaders

As we lead up to the release of Civilization 6, we have had our first look at four of the eighteen civilizations that will be in the base game.

In Civilization 6 bonuses are attached a little bit differently, firstly you have a Leader Agenda, these are what motivate the AIs and are based off their real life counterparts. Then you have a Civilization Ability which is a bonus based of the Civilization as a whole that usually lasts the whole game, a Leader ability which is a bonus based off the Leader and may only be available during the same time the Leader was around, then we have a Civilization Unique Unit, and finally a Civilization Unique Building/District/Tile Improvement. So with all that in mind let’s break down those first four Civs.



Everyone give a warm welcome to Theodore Roosevelt who will be leader of the Americans for the first time in a Civilization game. Teddy is someone who really cares about his home continent and so with his ‘Big Stick’ Agenda, he takes a dislike to Civilizations that start wars on his own continent.

When it comes to his unique bonuses you can see that it is not just playing to one particular play style and indeed when we look at the other Civilizations they too have a wide set of bonuses. Teddy’s leader bonus is that he can build the Rough Rider that gets a bonus to fighting on its home continent, once again doubling down on his don’t mess around in my backyard manner, but as well as this he also gives bonus tourism for National Parks, helping you win that elusive culture victory. This is reinforced with the Unique Building which is a Film Studio which once again increases your Tourism, look out France, America is coming for your Culture crown. If war is afoot then look out for his P-51 Mustang’s controlling the skies. Finally America’s Civilization Bonus is ‘Founding Fathers’ which shortens the time that you need to get ‘Governmental Legacy Bonuses’ and I left this to the end because we have no idea what that means and if Firaxis could let us know that would be great. So America has a little bit of war and a little bit of Tourism and some government in the mix, it could be quite interesting.



You might be able to sass, but you don’t sass as well as Cleopatra does, after taking a two game break Cleo is back. At this point you might be saying “but she lead to Egypt being destroyed” or, “she was really Greek”, or “’insert name’ would be a better leader”, and all of this might be true, however, Firaxis has stated that they are going for leaders with big personalities and you have to admit Cleo is a big Personality. This is exemplified with her Agenda ‘Queen of the Nile’ where she respects Civilizations with large armies, but if you have a small army you better know she will make you regret it.

Cleo’s love for rivers doesn’t stop there, with the Egyptian Civilization Ability ‘Iteru’ which gives Egypt the ability to build wonders and districts quicker if they are on the side of rivers, so while they are not as Wonder Buildy as Civ 5, this should be a nice boost. While Cleo herself has a bonus to trade routes, She gets a bonus to gold to trade route she starts, those who trade with her also get bonus gold, and they get some food as well, so it might be better to keep Egypt around then take them down. As well as this, Egypt get the Maryannu Chariot Archers, which get a movement bonus if you start the turn on flat land, and the Sphinx, whilst is a unique tile that only the Egyptians can build which give you culture and faith, which is increased if you build it next to a Wonder. So Cleo gets a little bit of war, a little bit of trade, a little bit of culture, and a little bit of Wonders, but all the sass, once again they are not a one victory type for Civs so far.



Next we have England, or is it Britain, well maybe after the Brexit that might all get sorted out again, but then who is leading England, well it’s none other than Victoria, Queen by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Empress of India, or just Vicky to her friends. But Vicky has not revealed all her secrets yet, so we don’t know what her Agenda is at the moment, but one would suggest that you would not want to find yourself on the wrong end of it.

But what we do know is very interesting, very interesting indeed. For a Civilization bonus England gets the ‘British Museum’, which means Archaeological Museums have extra artefact slots and each museum gives more archaeologists, so look out, England has museums and they are ready to fill them with your artefacts if you’re not careful. Vicky also gets the special unit Red Coat, which not only can embark onto a land tile without losing a movement but also gets a bonus fighting away from Vicky’s home continent, so beware the ocean won’t save you from an English onslaught. This is reinforced by England’s unique unit the Sea Dog, which not only can bully other navel units, they can also capture defeated enemies. Finally England gets to build the Royal Navy Dockyard district which is an upgraded version of the Harbor, that not only gives ships bonus movement but also bonus gold for dockyards on other continents. So Vicky gets a bit of war, a bit of Tourism, and a bit of expansion.



And last but not least is Japan led by Hojo Tokimune, a warrior and poet and spreader of the faith. This leans into Hojo’s agenda ‘Bushido’ which means that he respects civilizations with a large army, however as long as they back that army up with strong culture or faith.

While other civilizations have very diverse bonuses, Japan has a more focused set, but they still give you a lot of options. Japan’s bonuses play off its history and its geography, with its civilization bonus ‘Meiji Restoration’ which gives you a boost to the adjacency bonus of districts, this allows you to get more bonuses from a smaller amount of land and could come very handy on islands. This feeds into Hojo’s ability ‘Divine Wind’ which gives a bonus to units fighting on land next to the coast, and boats fighting in shallow water. As with every iteration of Civilization, the Samurai is back and like Civ 5 no matter how damaged it gets, it still fights like it is at full strength. Finally and most interestingly, instead of the factory Japan can build the Electronics Factory which not only gives bonus production but also gives culture to all nearby cities. All of these work well together, but looks out island maps, because what ya gonna do when Hojo comes for you.

There we have the first four civilizations, now we also have confirmed that China, Spain and India, will be in the game and when we know more we’ll let you know.

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